Very short version

This blog is run by a queer femme pervert in Europe (she/her pronouns) who writes about BDSM/kink, gender, sex, relationships, and related matters, probably with footnotes.

Slightly longer version

I’m queer. For me, that means I play with, have crushes on, and/or fall in love with people of several genders who usually aren’t cis guys. It also means that I try to be mindful of the complexities of oppressions and privileges (including my own).

I’m a femme. For me, that means I embody a deliberate and queer femininity. It means I feel gender euphoria about dresses and heels and clothes that dip down at the neck and nip in at the waist. It also means that I feel connected to butch-femme history.

I’m a pervert. For me, that means I consider sex a part of kink, not the other way round. I usually play as a masochist, submissive, and/or pillow princess. I also have a thing for providing service.

Everything I write about here is related to at least one of these identities. I write stuff in various genres (personal, essay, fiction, poetry, how-to…) at varying lengths and at irregular times. The majority of my texts come with a high probability of footnotes because I want to share ALL the things and obviously can’t tell when to stop with the info dumping.

For the record: I’m a trans-inclusive feminist. And I support sex worker rights and the decriminalization of sex work. So TERFs/SWERFs and their not-even-pretending-to-be-feminist buddies aren’t welcome here.

Very long version:

If you still want more detail about my personal version of queer and kinky, please follow the link to read 5,900 additional words (including footnotes) about just that.

And if you want to know more about the different types of writing on this blog and how I handle other people’s identities when I write about them, follow this other link for 1,500 words of explanation.

If you recognize me…

If you recognize me from this blog (or suspect you do), please tell me, not others.

I try to keep this blog (and connected Twitter account) reasonably anonymous, not just to protect myself and the various people in my life, but also to protect my queer kinky community. I would much appreciate your support in this.

Also, outing people against their stated will and without their explicit consent is an utter asshole move.

All content on this blog is © kinky & nerdy, unless otherwise noted.